Port Lions, AK
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Sitka Blacktail Deer Hunting Genuine Alaska Hunting Adventure!

Sitka Blacktail Deer hunting on Kodiak Island is one of the best hunts Alaska has to offer. Arguably the most beautiful of the deer species, coupled with Kodiaks breathtaking scenery, turns this bucket list hunt into an annual event. Let WBL show you Alaska hunting from the luxury of our all-inclusive lodge. Gourmet meals, comfortable lodging and all the amenities of most five star resorts, all in the wilds of Alaska. Each day you will be transported to your hunting location of choice. This do-it-yourself hunt takes you directly into the heart of beautiful coastal Kodiak Alaska. A quick boat ride to and from the Lodge, equipped with a provided radio for boat to shore communications, gets you into the field quickly. Done hunting for the day, simply call the boat on the radio and they will transport you back to the lodge. Give the staff prior notice and the wood fired hot tub or sauna will be ready upon your return. Several mild snow years have the deer population extremely healthy with lots of mature bucks. Up to three tags are available for purchase making this a popular freezer filling trip as well. Known around the deer hunting world as the best of all venison, Sitka Blacktail are prized table fare as well as trophies!