Port Lions, AK
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Saltwater Kodiak Island Salmon Fishing The only problem with fishing in Kodiak—you will be spoiled for fishing anywhere else in the world!

Kodiak Island is home to all five species of Pacific Salmon. All of which return yearly to almost any small trickle of a stream throughout the Archipelago. It is prior to their return that WBL offers perhaps the most spectacular salt water salmon fishing in Alaska. Starting with King Salmon which are available year round…yes you read that right, year round. Trolling for these, the largest of the Pacific Salmon is an experience you will not want to miss. King Salmon, some tipping the scales at fifty pounds or larger are caught within a short boat ride of the lodge. Daily limits of two fish per person and no yearly bag limit make Kodiak and WBL a dream destination for trolling for these saltwater giants. Starting in early July and extending through September the annual Silver Salmon run turns the already exciting King Salmon troll fishery into nothing less than spectacular. Silver Salmon are pound for pound one of the best fighting fish around. There sheer numbers make limit catches the norm. As with all species of fish caught during your stay, the slate is wiped clean upon filleting and processing shore side. Pink Salmon, Chum Salmon and Red Salmon are also caught onboard but not typically targeted onboard in the saltwater. As expected only top of the line gear is used. Modern electronics, electric downriggers, and knowledgeable local Captains and crew complete your Saltwater Salmon fishing experience with WBL.